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Self Neglect Guidance and Toolkit

Self Neglect Guidance and Toolkit

Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board recognises that working with people who self neglect either themselves and/or their environment can be challenging. The Board developed an Self Neglect Tool Kit in 2016 and this has recently been updated following two further Safeguarding Adult Reviews that the Board undertook in 2017/18.

Self Neglect Policy

There is an overarching Policy document on Self Neglect which explains how to recongise abuse and how to work with people who are at risk of/or experiencing abuse.

Self Neglect


Alongside the policy we have developed and borrowed a range of tools that you can use to assist you in working in this area. These tools are designed to be used as one off tools but you can mix and match them as appropriate. 

Self Neglect Tools

1One Page Profile - a  tool to help you work with someone to identify their priorities.

2) Clutter Scales - These are a range of pictures which will help you to identify with the person the level of neglect of the environment and use this when talking to other agencies. 

3) Pracitioner's  checklist for establishing if a concern meets the criteria of Self Neglect? A checklist for people working with people at risk of/or self neglecting to see if their situation meets the criteria for Safeguarding.

4) Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board Comprehensive Self Neglect Assessment. An assessment tool which you can use to help you to work with someone who is self neglecting or at risk of self neglect.

5) Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board Hoarding Guidance for Practitioners. Some guidance for those people workign with people who hoard.

6) Seven Step Guide - a tool to give an overview of Self-Neglect. 

7) Self Neglect Leaflet - We have produced a leaflet which you can share with families and friends of people who are at risk of/are self neglecting. 

 The Board has also produced a free E Learning training package on Self Neglect which is accessible on our Learning and Development Page.

Please be aware that the tools above may be out of date and for any advice on working with people who self neglect please contact the Safeguarding Adults Team on 0800 137 915.