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Safeguarding and Mental Capacity

Safeguarding and Mental Capacity

Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board, recongises the importance the Mental Capacity within general practice but also within Safeguarding enquiries. The aim of this page is to provide information to people carrying out Safeguarding Enquiries about the best use of the Mental Capacity Act. It is hoped the resources on this page will also be useful for people carrying out Mental Capacity Assessments in their day to day work


Mental Capacity Act 2005

Mental Capacity Code of Practice

SCIE resources on Mental Capacity. 

You can also download an App to your phone 


If you want to remain up to date with Mental Capacity information why not sign up to the Mental Capacity Forum which is free to join.

Happy Computer 2 Click here to watch a video on Mental Capacity (thanks to Hounslow and Richmond Community Health Care)