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Risk Assessment Multi-Agency Panel (RAMP)

Risk Assessment Multi-Agency Panel (RAMP)

Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board has created a forum, called RAMP which is a Risk Assesment Multi-Agency Panel where practitioners of any agency can bring along complex cases where they are "stuck" or need the input of other agencies. It is important that before refering to RAMP practitioners have tried other forums such as holding multi-agency meetings etc before refering to RAMP. 

Please note RAMP is under review at the moment.

If you have a case that you feel is a RAMP case please contact MASH at: 


It is up to agencies to ensure that they secure the informaton that they are providing to the MASH by sending by a secure email address or encrypting or password protecting the referral form. 

For further information regarding the RAMP process please contact BSAB@Buckscc.gov.uk