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Safeguarding Adult Review - Self-Neglect Learning Event May 2018

Safeguarding Adult Review - Self-Neglect Learning Event May 2018

In May 2018, Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board decided to hold a conference to raise awareness of the two Safeguarding Adult Reviews that the Board had undertaken in 2017/18. The purpose of the conference was to ensure that staff working with service users and carers in Buckinghamshire was aware of these two cases but more importantly that they were aware of learning that came out of the event. 

The conference was opened by Marie Seaton (BSAB Chair) who set the scene for the day. Then there were presentations on the two Safeguarding Adult Reviews. This was followed by presentations on various topics including:


Learning Event Conference Film 1

  • 2m 7s to 9m 43s Introduction by Chair of BSAB 
  • 10m 23s to 50m 52s Independent Author. Summary of SAR T 
  • 51m 23s to 1hr 25m 49s Chair of SAR Subgroup. Summary of SAR Q


 Learning Event Conference Film 2

  • 2m 25s to 26m 10s Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service - Fire prevention for vulnerable adults.
  • 26m 52s to 58m 07 Mental Health Act - Natasha Bowler and Rob Evans
  • 59m 06s to 1hr 38m 5s Mental Capacity Act - Sarah Pady


 Learning Event Conference Film 3

  • 23s  to 11m 24s RAMP (Risk Assessment Multi-Agency Panel) Andrew Robertson.
  • 38m 48s BSAB Chair Marie Seaton concluding day.