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Send us your Records

Send us your Records

brown hare
Brown Hare © George McCarthy

BMERC encourages people to get involved with recording wildlife and geology, and is keen to receive copies of any such records. We are interested in all records, and please don't assume that we already know about the wildlife in your area. Anyone can get involved in recording, it's a great way to enjoy wildlife and our environment!

When submitting your records please ensure that you include the following information:

  • What you saw (and how many)
  • Where you saw it (grid reference or postcode)
  • When you saw it
  • Who saw it (and also who identified it if it was not the same person)

You can send your records in by email, phone or even by post. You may want to use one of our recording forms or the spreadsheet which can be downloaded below. 

For some wildlife groups there are established county recording schemes, so you may wish to send your records direct to these (the schemes then share their data with BMERC). See our list of local recording groups.

Alternatively, if you record wildlife regularly and would like information about how to use computer systems to enter your records then please contact us for advice. We can also provide information on geological recording.

BMERC is committed to making records held by us publically available.

Please enter your records one these forms and email to erc@buckscc.gov.uk 

Spreadsheet BMERC Species Recording Spreadsheet - One or more records 
Word document BMERC Species Recording Form - one or more records (Word Document)
If you need to print and post to use BMERC Species Recording Form - One or more records (PDF)

By submitting records, you are agreeing to  the BMERC Terms and Conditions for submitting records.
For more information call 01296 382431 or email erc@buckscc.gov.uk

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